In English

Welcome to my blog!

For those of you who don’t know, this blog is written in Swedish and it’s a mixture of my life as a Swedish person living in London, my opinions about things and random ramblings.

As an international reader it is important that you understand that this blog can not be fully interpreted using a translations tool.

First off my blog is not written in proper Swedish, there is a mixture of slang and English and even the words are not right as I don’t use the three characters which are specific for the Swedish alphabet.  So some words simply come out with a completely different meaning if you try to use an automated translations tool.

This means that you can always try to translate my blog if you like, but I do not take any responsibility for the outcome and I advise that you take everything you read with a pinch of salt.

I also like to point out that the content of this blog reflects my personal opinions and views, they are very likely to be angled according to my feelings and experiences and that is always worth remembering whenever reading my blog and other blogs as well of course!

My views and opinions are only representing myself, none around me or any organisations I may be associated with.

As you can see, this blog may not be very international friendly. But to make up for the lack of international content you can always enjoy the many good and bad photos posted on a regular basis.

Or you can get yourself a Swedish friend who may be happy to translate my random entries for you 😉

Kind regards,


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